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Bound To A Vampire by Grey Francis

Bound To A Vampire by Grey Francis 

Cassandra Montclaire is a three-hundred-and-sixty-year-old vampire living in modern-day New York. Her human life ended three centuries earlier when, condemned as a witch, she was rescued and turned by a Master Vampire named Killian. Bonded in a passionate trio with their Protector, the three lived an exciting and dangerous life full of love, decadence, and dark passion. But then Killian vanished without a trace. Until now.
A human ally of Cassandra’s has proof Killian is alive and is killing off members of his organization. Killian is now a marked man, and Cassandra must find him before time runs out and he is eliminated.
But Cassandra must first journey into her torrid past and face her demons before she can fight for what was lost.

Star Rating Five Stars


  This was another one that took me awhile to get into, but not because it was lack of being interested. No, this one was fraught with details upon details. The attention to the minute details and character development was Insane!
  In my opinion it was on the level of one of my favorite authors J.R.R. Tolkien.
Once the story grabbed me, just after Cassandra's turning, I couldn't put it down. I had to though because life got in the way. But I picked it back up when I could.
   And boy am I glad!
The way the whole story is told, and unfolds...how it all builds to the inevitable outcome at the end.... GAH! I didn't want it to end!
   Now that I've discovered this amazing author, I can't wait to read more by her!

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Bite Marks by Rebecca Royce

Bite Marks by Rebecca Royce

George is a mystery writer in a small town who wants nothing more than one date with the local bartender named Trudy. When he finally scores a date, he is ecstatic. But the night before he his bitten by a vampire–and accidentally transformed into a member of the Undead. He assumes any chance he had with Trudy died the same night his need for food did. 
But, Trudy is more than she seems. A werewolf hunter on the run she knows all about vampires and if she can keep them both alive for any length of time, she might be just what George needs to survive. 
Can love survive an accidental bite?

Star Rating Four Stars


This one was a little hard for me to get into initially, but as the  story progressed I was hooked. The characters really do seem like a couple of people you might meet along the road. They didn't read like a two-dimensional, imaginary person (couple) I really liked that, it made the story setting and plot more believable.
  The pact about her brother though was an easy one to call, and I felt that there could have been a little more to his part in it. 
  But really, overall I liked it, once I got into it. 
Definitely worth a read through or two, again.

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Cover Reveal ~ Silk and Scars by Cassandra Dean

Cover Reveal 
Silk & Scars
Cassandra Dean

Book Title: SILK & SCARS

Book Series: The Silk Series Book 3

Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC

Published Date: TBA

Genre(s): Historical Romance, Sweet Romance, Early Victorian Romance

Heat Rating: 2 – kissing, petting

For over a year, Miss Gwendolyn Parkes and the Duke of Sowrith have corresponded. At first an error, the letters quickly became something much more, a friendship forged on like minds and perhaps the hope of something more…

When Gwen is compelled by her employer to attend the duke at his Dartmoor estate, she is devastated to find her beloved friend cold and imperious, even if he is the most handsome man she’s ever seen – despite his scars.

Edward, Duke of Sowrith, has longed to meet Gwen. Arranging her passage to his estate, he is tongue-tied when confronted with her quiet beauty. All too aware of the twisted ruin of his face, he allows fear to hold him silent…until Gwen’s safety is threatened.

Finally together, they grow closer until it seems they can never again be apart – but can a commoner and a duke find a happily ever after?

Other books in the series

 SILK & SCANDAL (The Silk Series Book 1) - http://cassandradean.com/books/the-silk-series/silk-scandal/

SILK & SCORN (The Silk Series Book 2) - http://cassandradean.com/the-silk-series/silk-scorn


“Why did you write me?”

The quiet words gave him a degree of control. “I beg your pardon?”

Her tongue darted out to wet the plump flesh of her lower lip. “Why did you write me? Why did you write those letters?”

Stifling a groan, he cursed himself. Control yourself, man. “You were the one who made the error.”

“Yes,” she said. “But you didn’t need to write back.”

No, he hadn’t. Her letter had clearly been an error, addressed to her friend and full of the easy conversation of long acquaintance. He never should have read it, but he couldn’t help himself. It had been so full of life, so happy and joyous, and he’d wanted to experience that. “Because I liked them. Your letters.”

“What did you like of them?” A smile lit her face, a soft thing that seemed directed more at herself than him. “It was Etta, correct? She and her antics?”

A smile tugged at his own mouth, and he allowed it some expression but not enough to pull his scar. “No, I liked you. That is, I like you.” Heat rose along his neck.

“Oh.” A similar blush stained her skin. “Well. I like you, too.”

He couldn’t stop his smile then.

She drew in her breath.

Immediately, he wiped the expression from his face. He knew how he appeared when he forgot himself.

“Why did you stop smiling?” Confusion filled her voice.

Staring at the floor, he said, “I apologize. I know it’s grotesque.”

“What is grotesque?”

He dug his hands into the chair. “When I smile.”

“No. Edward, no—”

“Of course it is,” he said, and not even her calling him by his Christian name again lightened him. “I am scarred, Gwen. You cannot claim not to have noticed.”

“No, I have, I only—You smiled and I thought....You are so handsome, and when you smile, you are even more—” She cut herself off. A furious blush lit her cheeks.

She thought him handsome? A low boil started within him, and he could not tear his gaze from her lips. 


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About the Author

Cassandra Dean is a best-selling, multi-published author of historical and fantasy romance. Her latest novel, SLUMBER, is part of Decadent Publishing’s Beyond Fairytales and features Cassandra’s take on Sleeping Beauty. Her next novel, SILK & SCARS, is part of her popular Silk Series, featuring Victorian Era lawyers and their happily ever after. Cassandra is proud to call South Australia her home, where she regularly cheers on her AFL football team and creates her next tale.

 Social Media Links:

Contact Cassandra at cassandra@cassandradean.com 
Website: http://cassandradean.com

Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/kzesP

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/authorCassDean

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorCassandraDean

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/cassandradean/

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Cassandradean

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Cassandra-Dean/e/B006W6BUE6/

Goodreads Page: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5016740.Cassandra_Dean

Authorgraph: https://www.authorgraph.com/authors/authorCassDean Printable Book Listhttp://cassandradean.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Cassandra-Dean-Printable-Book-List.pdf

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Reanimated Readz Blog Tour and Author Interview

Just when you thought it was safe to read again…the zombies are back! And in greater number too!
In Reanimated Readz, you’ll find five young adult zombie tales from Rusty Fischer’s popular “Reanimated Readz” series of living dead short stories. From brotherly love to zombie politics, from zombie private detectives to loving the undead, the five tales are sure to give you your fill of zombie reading – and then some.

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About the Author

A former public school teacher, Rusty Fischer has written for such educational magazines as Learning, The Mailbox and Teaching K-8. Now a full-time freelance writer, Rusty is the author of several YA supernatural novels for Decadent Publishing, including Ushers, Inc. and Panty Raid at Zombie High, as well as the Reanimated Readz series of 99-cent zombie short stories. You can read more about his current and upcoming projects, and download FREE zombie stories, at http://www.rushingtheseason.com

Follow the Author

Twitter - @RushinTheSeason

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And what everyone has been waiting for...

The Interview

1.) What made you write about zombies?
Once upon a time, long before the Walking Dead made them a household name, zombies were the “underdog” of the paranormal world. In YA, which was my chosen genre, it was vampires who were having all the fun. I saw zombies as a way to break from that strict mold of vampire lore and create a new mythology that was hopefully not so rigid.

2.) When did you love for writing start?
My love for writing started with my very first Judy Blume book, Blubber. Before then I had always read for school, never for pleasure. Judy Blume taught me that reading could do more than entertain, even while being entertaining – it could enlighten, inform, educate and even inspire!

3.) Can we expect more zombie loving from you in the future?
I am always writing more zombie stories, and look forward to taking what I’ve learned about the undead into new and exciting territories!

4.) Tell us one thing that someone might not know about you and your writing.

I’m actually NOT a zombie! Nor do I know any zombies, un-living or un-dead! Seriously, though, the one thing that someone might not know about me and my writing is that, no matter what time of year it is, I’m probably listening to Christmas carols while I’m writing! (Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone!)

5.) What is your favorite hobby?

If I’m not writing or spending time with my wife, I’m watching movies! I have a deep passion for movies and I find that watching them helps me create better stories – especially zombie ones!