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Winter Eve by Lia Davis

Winter Eve by Lia Davis
  There comes a time when setting your differences aside isn't just necessary, it's a means of survival. After losing over half of their dens to a group rogue shifters, the wolves and leopards merged as one Pack, but living together is much more of a challenge then they expected.

Danica Welsh was born to be the leopard pack healer. An accident involving a drug induced youth left her badly burned and scared--emotionally and physically. Without the ability to heal by touch, she secludes herself to the edge of town, away from Ashwood Falls' overly concerned citizens. All hope of mating and family become a distance dream. When she finally starts to accepts the long, lonely existence ahead of her, a stranger crashes into her life, and her heart. 

After Nevan Mathews' fiancée died three ago, he submerged himself into his work, cutting off all reminders of a life he dreamed of with the woman he loved. He lets his step-mother talk him into taking the first vacation in five years to visit for the holidays. But an accident delays his travel plans, sending him to Danica's doorstep and raises a need he thought he would never feel again. 
Can they tear down the walls around their hearts and submit to the passion before another claims Dani for his own? 

Review Rating: Four stars

  A delightful take on the shifter story, I couldn't stop reading it once I had started!
  Danica is the pack healer, but due to an unfortunate accident has been left horribly scarred and depressed. She's accepted that she'll be alone...
  Enter Nevan single guy with a broken heart and empathic abilities. Add to that he grew up with Lions, so he already knows about the shifter world that is so secretive.
  Together the sparks fly almost immediately, the Alpha stepping in starts tempers flying and an issue is challenged for Danica. Can Nevan hold his own against shifters? Can he hold onto the woman that he is beginning to love?
  Well go buy the book and find out ;-)
  I can't wait to read more in this  delicious  series.

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