Thursday, November 7, 2013

Return of The Assassin by Donya Lynne

All the King's Men - Book 5

3rd place winner - RWA Heart of the West contest 

"If you've been waiting for the next Black
Dagger Brotherhood, this is it..." -GraveTells

  Assassin Gina Carano doesn't have time for love. In fact, the last thing she wants is a mate. But Gina can't stop thinking about Malek, the handsome AKM enforcer she met in Chicago. And now she's beginning to fear Malek's memory is the reason
for her crippling panic attacks, which have assaulted her relentlessly since she left him.

   Malek has never dealt with the centuries-old death of his first mate, but now that he's formed a new mating link to Gina, he has no choice. Stuck between the agony of mourning and the despair of being without Gina, his mind fractures as he attempts to reconcile the two halves of himself.
   When Gina botches a hit on two vicious vampires in Miami, she reluctantly flees back to Chicago, where Malek must choose between the past and the future before he loses Gina forever.

     Warning: This bookcontains explicit sexual content, sensitive subject matter, references to non-traditional/alternative
lifestyles, and strong profanity.

Review Rating: FIVE STARS

Review From the get go this book is filled with action, sass, and best of all true love. <3 <3 ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!
 One heart beaten and broken by the lose of a beloved mate, fractures as he can't accept his new mate before him without losing the memory of his first.
 One heart sliced and diced by an abusive mate, panics at the thought of mating again.
 Can Malek and Gina learn to put their pasts behind them in time to save them both?  
  >>Insert dramatic music<<

  You get to meet some new faces that are added to the AKM family, and see the familiar as well come together in support of Malek and Gina. What makes this such a great read, and one of the best of the series so far is the way that Donya brings them into the story.
  For instance one of the new faces that you are briefly introduced to is Kieran (if your're a part of her readers group on FB, then you know this guy will eventually get his own book) was brutally experimented  upon  by Bishop in the labs, and is rescued by Trace and Io when they rescue Miriam (Rebel Obsession)
  You also meet some new baddies....Searcy and Vaydon Aka The Dacians =__= Uber nasty ass wipes with a god complex chip on their shoulders.
  My personal fave though would have to be Brak.....TRACE'S TWIN BROTHER!!!!! Yes, ladies the uber powerful, and smexy Trace has a twin. I for one certainly can't wait to find out whats in store for him. *sighs dreamily* 
  Having been with this story since the Beta stage, it was truly awesome to see, what even then was an epic tale, come to life even more after being fine tuned.
  But back to the book ^__^
  Both Malek and Gina have been in The Suffering, and they've both been denying it BIG TIME (De Nile, isn't just a river in Egypt ya know) But due to a fudge up of EPIC world ending proportions, Gina and her friend/boss of The Knights of Justice (KOJU) retreat to Chicago. Where....Malek is, once there Gina discovers just how much the guy is hurting, but its not until one MAJOR F-up by Malek that things really collesque for the two.
  Add to all the mating drama Bishop needs to cover his ass, so he has "the phantom" to kill the two Dreck that are currently in King Bain's dungeon, but who is this phantom you ask....Mwahahahahaha I'm not saying.
  But where do the Dacians come in, well they are at the beginning, middle, and the end. They have big plans to over throw King Bain, and kill anyone that doesn't agree with them....Have I mentioned they're Freaking Nasty!
   I can't really say much more about this book without giving away sooo much more, so I'm leaving this hear and you'll just have to go read the book to see how it all comes together and how it all ends unexpectedly. 3:)

  Next up in this epic series is Bound Guardian Angel (Traces book) *SQUEE* So be on the look out for that and Good Karma (Book 1 of The Mark Strong Chronicles)
  To keep up with Donya and her teasing ways, be sure to join her ALL THE KINGS MEN READERS GROUP on FB. We have LOADS of fun chatting, sharing pictures and Donya LOVES to drop tidbits about her books. Damn tease of an author! =__= 

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