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Forged (Book 4 in The World of The Nightwalkers) by Jacquelyn Frank

Forged (Book 4 in The World of The Nightwalkers) 
  by Jacquelyn Frank
When Katrina Haynes discovers a large man lying wounded in the snow, she fears he is at death’s door. But as Kat tends to his injuries, she quickly realizes that they’re the least of her worries. With an irresistible Scottish brogue and a strange ability to harden his chiseled body like a statue, the stranger awakens a desire she is unable to resist—and a fascination about the intriguing world he exists in.

As a proud Gargoyle, Ahnvil must safeguard the Nightwalker to whom he’s sworn fealty. But as this bewitching woman nurses him back to health, arousing an almost uncontrollable hunger within him, he is possessed with the fierce impulse to protect her as well. And he will have to shield her—for by coming to his rescue, Kat has placed herself in the middle of a supernatural war . . . and exposed herself to dark, powerful magic. As human and Gargoyle forge an unbreakable bond, Kat will discover that despite his intimidating strength and size, one thing Ahnvil does not possess is a heart of stone.

Star Rating: Five Stars

Review: Just when I think I have everything figured out, Ms. Frank goes and throws me completely off! 

  This book had me turning the page to see what would happen next, and I literally read it in under twenty hours. I haven't felt such a compulsive need to finish a book like this in quite some time. I really cannot wait to read the next installment in this series.

  What do you do when you've been created to obey, and everything within screams for you to be free?

    Why escape of cours!

    Kat has known her entire life that she was different, never quite fitting in, and the added complication of not being able to go out in the sunlight made for a very limited social life. Suddenly a towering stranger is found lying near death in the snow near her home, the nurse in her clicks on but it takes everything that she has just to get him inside her home.

    Then....his skin ripples. Turning to a stone like appearance and texture one moment, and then back to flesh the next, right before her very eyes. Just what has she gotten herself into?

   Will she survive her chance encounter with this unusual stranger?

    Anhvil having escaped the clutches of the Templars is skeptical about his angel that has literally saved his life. But can he  put aside old fears, and rules to get her to remain by his side? Will she even want too?

   The sexual tension and chemistry between the two will set them both ablaze and lead to an epic story that will take my fellow readers on another adventure. 

  Bella and Jacob make an appearance in this book, you may recall them from the original Nightwalker series. (Jacob is the first book) Here you get to see just what the "curse" is, and why they really don't know about the other species. They cannot see one another, but the normal humans can. Hmmm....Is your interest peaked yet? How will the Nightwalkers break this curse? Will they ever break it? 

    Well my dear readers you will just have to continue to read on and enjoy the journey to discovery as Ms. Frank and her cast of characters enlighten us.

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