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Slipping the Past by D.L. Jackson

Slipping The Past by D.L. Jackson

Some love affairs last a lifetime…others never end. 

Fifty years into the future, if you’re one of the damned, you don’t run for your life, you run to save your soul. Jocelyn Miller is wanted for crimes she committed before she was born. Homeless, blind, and out in the elements on one of the coldest nights of the year, her desperation results in a bad decision. When Jocelyn and her brother Nate rob a convenience store, Jocelyn comes face to face with her worst nightmare and greatest love, a reaper named Gabriel. 

Gabriel Solaris is an Enforcer, a genetically enhanced psychic often referred to as a reaper for his ability to take souls, and he’s charged with collecting Jocelyn’s. When he finds Jocelyn outside the store, he’s sure she’s up to something illegal. Proving it isn’t necessary. He holds a warrant and it’s all he needs. But the closer Gabriel gets to Jocelyn, the more he begins to question his duty and why he believes her claims of innocence. When Jocelyn tells him she loved him once, Gabriel loses control and kisses her. Instead of taking her soul, he gives her a week to prove innocence in her past-life crimes—something he has no authority to

Star Rating: Five Stars

   Wowsa!!! My socks are totally knocked off! D.L. has done it again, and delivered a mind blowing, heart-pounding, out-of-this-world romance! I HAD TO FINISH this book once I started it, it was THAT compelling!

   The chemistry, plot line, romance and over all action keeps a reader locked in until the ride is finished! 

    I just can't let go of the specially engineered task force that is punishing people for past life crimes.... That by itself was totally freaking wicked! Add a dirty 'cop' to the mix and Woo Hoo!! The chase is On!!!

  ^_^ Awesome book hands down.

I simply canot wait to read another book by D.L. Jackson! 

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