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Dark Desire of the Day ~ Timeless Desire by Torie James

When Creations Take Over....

First off, I want to say a huge Merci Beaucoup to Lady Leann for having me today. I will try to leash my habit of insane rambling and attempt to stay focused. This may or may not be possible. I’m only one cup of coffee into my day so it’s anyone’s guess!

Before I sat down to write my first book, Timeless Night, I had document upon document of all I thought I needed. I knew X would fall in love with Y and Z would die a gruesomely, brutal death. Perfect formula for cookbook romance.


Every time I sat down to work on it, invariably I ran into boredom and disinterest. It was frustrating and ego destroying. I mean, why weren’t “they” doing what I envisioned? I had a map, damn it! Why weren’t they following it? This was great fodder for the mind.

Nothing was going to plan and it took me almost an entire month to realize that despite my meticulous planning and research, despite my straightlaced confining characteristics and thorough detailing of both plot and person, this book was on a Highway to Hell. Or worse...the trashcan.

I’m a control freak. Anyone who has known me more than an hour, I’m sure they can confirm that. But see, the funny thing is that the Blessed Muse is spontaneous, bold, almost reckless and impulsive. The Muse doesn’t work well with rules and boundaries. So I did something I thought I’d regret later and I stepped out of my own “controlled” way and took a big risk for someone such as myself.

I gave up control of my own musings and mind.

One of my best decisions to date.

The characters you read about in Timeless Night? Yeah, I so didn’t plan or plot any of what you see there. The original draft was as different from the final manuscript as plaid is to purple. It has far more depth and passion because I stopped MY voice and let them have “theirs.” And yes, its odd and bizarre to discover some of my charries have likes and dislikes opposite of my own! For instance, my male protagonist in Timeless Night, Alexander Lakeland, loves Celine Dion. I have nothing against her but I can assure you she’s not on my playlist...*scratches head*  Well, she wasn’t at any rate. Shut up.

As challenging as Timeless Night was for me, Timeless Desire, my next New Camelot offering, was that and more. Timeless Night was about the unending loyalty of true friendship, love and magic. Its successor it about the lengths we all go to FOR love. The pain and the heartbreak. How we can make mistakes and lose ourselves so much, even we don’t know who we are. I thought it’d be easier to write since I well enough to stay out of my own way and let my characters speak.

Wrong again.

Nimue, my lead female in Timeless Desire, was a stubborn minx who shied away from really “reaching” out to me. I almost didn’t get this book written because of it. I found myself, at one point, “forcing” her voice and it was horrible, leaving me full of doubt again. But once I realized it wasn’t her trying to directly oppose me, that she, Nimue, was scared and broken so badly that couldn’t trust herself let alone anyone else! Even me! Once I understood that, I stopped pushing her and little by little, she came clean and allowed me to tell her story. I healed her and she helped me.

Sure, I might have pulled a Dr. Frankenstein and stitched together my babies from the miasma of my fertile mind, culled them from my dreams, my hopes, my nightmares. Yes, I threw the switch and screamed at my laptop....”LIVE! LIVE!” Sounds dramatic and cool.

But the truth is, while I may have brought them to life...they most certainly showed me what it meant to live.

Excerpt from Timeless Desire, Book Two of New Camelot: (Release Date March 21, 2014 by Breathless Press)

            Why did his touch still burn through her, make her heart skip a beat?                 "Trust you? Trust you? I'd rather take a running leap onto the face of the sun, Gawain. I trusted you once and you ruined my life. I trusted you once more and you helped kill what I loved. Excuse me if I find your use of that particular word ironic." She shoved hard against him, hard enough he stumbled back a bit, allowing her to slip from his hold.
           "If Lancelot knew, he'd hate you as much as I do. They all would! The only reason he remains unaware, is he is at peace again with his heart. I won't disturb it for the world. So your dirty little secret is safe with me, husband." The last word spit out with derision, she gave him a cold smile. "Let me go, Gawain. It's easy. As for the blood link, simple solution. We can continue to provide each other with what's needed without being together. As black as your blood is, it does provide me with the necessary sustenance. But that's all you are to me, now. A food source. There is no happy ending for us. You botched that up proper. I have stayed my voice the last few months for Bri. For Alex. But I owe you nothing. So let me go my way!" She moved as wind, reaching down to snatch off one of her stiletto'd heels, her free hand shoving him back into the wall, mortar crumbling around them. Animosity spurred her on as she angled the heel over his heart. "Or I will kill you. I swear it. I will kill you and in killing you, I kill myself. That's how desperate I am to be free of you."

Thank you so much again for having me today! You rock!

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