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Forsaken by Jacquelyn Frank

Forsaken by Jacquelyn Frank
As a mercenary, Leo Alvarez has signed on for a lot—but he never signed on for his best friend becoming host to the soul of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. Jackson is now inhabited by a Bodywalker, and Leo is forced to grapple with a realm of supernatural beings far more dangerous than anything he’s ever encountered.
But when Jackson is wounded by an attack from a demon god, Leo must team up with another supernatural creature—a Night Angel—to save his friend from utter destruction. With skin as black as midnight, hair as white as snow, and a body of pure perfection, the Night Angel arouses a burning desire in Leo, even as he refuses to be intimidated by her power—or the power of those who would destroy his friend. An unusual alliance is forged, electrified by sexual temptation, and together the two must unite their strengths to bring down a supreme evil. 

     I rate this book  Four stars
  If you're a fan of Jac's then you are probably familiar with our beloved Nightwalkers. We've gone through the emotional upheaval several times over already. Happily I might add.
  Forsaken is book three in this new branch of the Nightwalker series, you've already met the Demon's, Lycanthropes, Mistrals, Vampires, Shadowdwellers, and the Druids. Now we get to meet six more Nightwalker breeds. The Bodywalkers, Djinn, Night Angels, Mysticals, Wraiths and Phoenixes. 
  I am sure you are wondering, why does one group not know of the other, and vise versa?
  You'll have to read to find the answer to that my loverlies. ^__^

Forsaken tells the emotional tale of Leo Alavarez and how he sets out on a quest to save his best friend and bodywalker Jackson/Menes. If you've been following the series then you already know who Leo is, and his back story. But for those of you that are new Leo is Jackson's best friend, and the guy that helped raise Docia, Jackson's baby sister. He's also the one who killed the evil Odjit, leader of the Templar Bodywalkers. This unfortunately brought him to the attention of the Templars and Kamenwati, the devoted follower of Odjit and his wrath. Kamenwati has Leo captured and gives him to his resident psychopath Chatha.

  What happens there leads up to what happens in this book, and explains where Leo is as far as his utter dislike and hatred for the Nightwalker species.
  Enter the new baddie Apep the Imp God and creator of the Wraiths. His goal to take over the world and cause as much chaos and destruction as possible while doing it. His first act nearly kills Jackson. If it hadn't been for the timely intervention of a Night Angel named Faith, he would have killed the Pharaoh.
  Thus we come to the part where Jackson's life is on the line, and Leo must learn to put the past behind him, and learn to trust again, or lose his best friend and quite possibly the world as we know it.
  You my dear loverlies will have to read the book to learn what happens. I strongly recommend that you start with the very first book (if you haven't read Jacquelyn Frank before) Jacob. Jacquelyn has built a beautiful yet deadly world that takes you on a wild adventure and leaves you wanting more. I absolutely cannot wait for the next installment in this series.
  Forsaken was by no means her "best" work that I've read, but it is certainly by no means the worst either. I've liked each and every one of her books as they've come out. I've reread many of them over and over while waiting for the next one. :)
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