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Hidden Destiny by Carrie Ann Ryan (Book 6 of The Redwood Pack Series)

Hidden Destiny by Carrie Ann Ryan
Book 6 of The Redwood Pack Series

    North Jamenson has always held his wolf closer to the surface then others. He’s the quiet one, one no one really knows about yet he holds the darkest secret. He’s watched his brothers find their mates and start families, and now it was his turn. He knows Lexi could be his and her son could be part of his family, but he doesn’t know if he’s ready to share the darkness that’s entwined with his soul.
    Lexi Anderson is a mother, a sister, a latent wolf, and a new member of the Redwood Pack. She’s also holding secrets so close to her heart she’s not even sure she knows the truth anymore. When North takes another step closer to wanting to cement their bond, Lexi must come to grips with her past and what it means for her future. The Centrals’ war isn’t over yet and Lexi’s life is on the line as the paths they’ve chosen takes a drastic turn.
Star Rating: Five Stars
Review: I've entered late into the game as usual, but HOLY GOOD GRAVY BATMAN!!!
    Ms. Ryan swept the rug out from under my feet with the word Go! It is clear that this is definitely a bigger story, so now I have some catching up to do! (lol) If you've followed the series up to this point then you know whats been going on. For those that haven't (and sadly I am one of them) we'll have  to take a step back and start with the first book in the RedWood Pack series 'An Alpha's Path'

      Anyway on with the review!!

     Up to this point a LOT has happened, wolves have been brutalized, tortured, abused, and humiliated all for the sick sadistic pleasure of an evil twisted wolf and his demon lover. One such product of the snakes twisted perversions Lexi and her young son Parker have finally found a pack to call home.

    Or have they?

    What's more the Redwoods are accepting of her, Parker, and Lexi's brother even more so once it's obvious that she is a potential mate to North Jamenson, the last single male Jamenson.
    But of course not everything is as cut and dry as one would hope it to be.
    There are secrets and hurdles to overcome before Lexi and North can come together as mates are truly meant too.
   But DAMN what a ride it is!!
   Without giving away the ending I'll just say YOU MUST READ!!!!

I for one certainly can't wait for the next installment in this series! 

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