Friday, January 3, 2014

Second Touch by Ann Mayburn

Second Touch by Ann Mayburn
   Emma's Arabian Nights Book 2

***Warning: This is a steamy BDSM romance with a sexy as hell Alpha male submissive and a sensual Domme who loves to please her man in the kinkiest of ways including bondage, flogging, spanking, pegging, light F/F play, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and a M/F+M/F scene so hot it just might melt your panties*** 

After the best night of her life, Emma Simonov can’t find the strength to say goodbye to Ryan, her delicious Alpha male submissive. She would give anything to love the man of her dreams, but reality soon intrudes and she pays the price for her moment of weakness. A life full of responsibilities and duties means she must leave Ryan behind…and break her heart in the process. 

If Ryan wasn’t already in love with his high-school crush, he is now after his date with his beloved Emma. When Emma refuses to speak to him, let alone see him, Ryan will do everything he can to have her back—setting into motion a series of events that will either bring them together forever, or tear them apart. 

But Ryan isn’t the only one with an eye on Emma and he soon finds out that the price of winning Emma’s heart is far greater than either of them ever imagined. 

--Author's Note: This is the second book in the 'Emma's Arabian Nights' novella series and NOT a stand alone. You, of course, can read them in any order you want, but I would highly recommend you read 'First Kiss'...well...first for the most enjoyment out of this series.--

Star Rating: Five Stars
Review: Holy-where-did-my-brain-melt-I-can't-remember-my-name!!
    Book 2 of Emma's Arabian Nights picks up where the first book 'First Kiss' left off.
    Things are still rocky between Emma and Ryan, he wants her in his life permanently but knows she isn't ready. Emma a professional Domme  has too many things going on in her life, things like her parents and needing to help them that keep her from fully throwing in with Ryan.
    That all changes with one stroke of luck.
    But as another favorite author of mine likes to say so often in her books....
    "No good deed, goes unpunished." ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
    What happens you ask?
    Well my lovely fellow readers you'll just have to buy the book and find out for yourself. ;)
                                 *insert evil maniacal laughter*

*coughs and clears throat, recovery finally from laughing*
    All in all Second Touch is a GREAT read, and I cannot wait to read how it all turns out in the next book 'Third Chance' (no definite release date yet)
    ...............Stay tuned! 

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