Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cupid's Promise by Kimberly Quinton

Cupid's Promise by Kimberly Quinton
 Shot through the heart... 

Cupid's Secret promises to set Laurel Cove on its ear with a sexy new boutique that answers what a woman desires. When the owner ends up in the hospital it's up to Lena Ridgeway to make sure this heart-stopping opening goes off without a hitch, but she finds her every idea challenged by a no-nonsense businessman. 

Capitalizing on a feeling... 

Marcus Blackwell is a bottom-line kind of guy and he knows that sex and hearts sell. When he arrives to find his latest venture in chaos, his partner injured, and a model-turned-manager in charge, he rolls up his sleeves and dives in. If only he could keep his mind-and hands - off the sultry model with her whimsical faith in a fake holiday. 

Can't fight this fortune... 

Lena can't help teasing the straight-laced, business-only boss who keeps sneaking into her dreams. One passionate kiss has her believing he may be the one she's waited for all her life, but she'll need every arrow in Cupid's arsenal to prove she is his true Valentine....

Star Rating: Five Stars
Review:   Assumptions as they say can make an ass out of you and me and this is certainly the case when it comes to Marcus's assumptions about Lena Ridegway. 
        Lena has agreed to help her friend out while she recuperates from an unplanned fall just days before her grand opening of her new store. Marcus is the silent partner in the business and comes in to help get the new store on its feet.
       The sparks  fly between them immediately as MArcis tries to tell himself that Lena is just another manipulative model. Lena tries to figure out the seemingly indominatable Marcus as they work together to get Cupid's Secret up and running, but everytime she thinks she has him pegged he does something to flabbergast her anew! 
        Things progress to the point that they enter into a bet to see who knows more about romance.
        Hmmm...I wonder who will win? 
      To find out more and how this story ends, my dear readers you will just have to go grab a copy and read it for yourselves. 
     Evil. I know. ;)
    This story is poignant and sweet, it definitely allows a person to think about their own romantic life, or whether they even have one. The little  bits about the romance shop gives one ideas to try and add something new to the old hum drum as well. I definitely recommend this book to my fellow readers who love short and chocolate sweet romances. 
   I know I for one can't wait to see how the last two Ridgeway girls find their fortunes. 

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