Thursday, February 27, 2014

Timeless Night by Torie James (New Camelot)

Timeless Night by Torie James (New Camelot)
       In an epic battle of good versus evil, one woman finds herself the focal point of a magical feud. Sabrina thought she knew who she was until a knight of long ago returns to steal her heart. 

      If you could live forever, what would you choose to live for? I chose love...

     A silent guardian, Alexander has walked the corridors of time in pursuit of an end to a haunting prophecy. Sabrina has lived a life surrounded by modern magic, unaware that the greatest and deadliest of powers reside within her own soul. If it only takes the light of love to ignite the stars, what of the decadent seduction of darkness? All roads don’t lead home and some myths only grow into legend.

Star Rating:  Five Stars
Review: Alone for nearly a millenia Alex has roamed the world, eventually coming to rest in LA, the city of Angels. He's protected mankind from Mordred and his revenants in hopes of one day getting his revenge on Mordred for killing his wife Vivianne.
      Enter Sabrina or Bri, a fiery, petite, smart mouthed modern woman. She says what she means,....and there truly is no filter with her. She's on the lookout to find the assholes who killed her brotherMicah. Only to run across Alex and Mordred, two men that have literally stepped out of her dreams. One she has dreamed oflust filled images, while the other... He killed her.
       Alex refuses to, or rather TRIES to not form an attachment to Bri this time, believeing that it will only kill her like it did before. Bri is determined to prove him wrong and that love does conquor all. Oh and protect the world from her evil aunt Morgan Le Faye.
         Oh! Did I forget that this is a NEW TWIST on Arthurian Legend....
        OOPS!! Silly me! ^_^
        Yes we have Mordred, Morgan Le Faye, Merlyn, Arthur, Lancelot, Guinevere, and the rest of the cast! But unlike other remakes where it is just rehashed and maybe tweaked here and there. This is completely redone and given fresh life, AND Vampires! OOPS again! I forgot they like to be called Guardians of Light.
        Either way hold onto your boot straps peeps you're in for a helluva ride!
        The character developement, the world building, plot and sexual tension is simply outstanding!! I am a HUGE fan and sucker for Arthurian legend and this book totally had me before I was even a quarter of the way through it! 
        I cannot wait to read the next installment from the awesome author!
   ~HUGE THANK YOU to my Sunita, for making me read this book. Lol! I shall never doubt you again when you recommend an author. 

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  1. Thank you so much Leanna! You just made my day! I am so glad you liked it and found it as entertaining as I did writing it! You rock and I can assure that there will be a few more trips into New Camelot! <3