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Secrets of Night (An Order of Nights Novel Book One) by Virginia Cavanaugh

Secrets of Night (An Order of Nights Book One) by Virginia Cavanaugh

     When the tenuous peace between the sorceresses, vampires and shape-shifters is shattered, Kierra, sorceress senator for the Order of Night takes it into her own hands to discover the reasons why.

      As the vampire member of the triad for the Order of Night, Kale is no stranger to war, but isn’t eager to battle anew without cause. His investigation into the allegations that the shape-shifters are the breakers of the peace treaty are thrown askew when the woman who has haunted his lusty dreams is found doing recon of her own.

      As the body count rises and more women disappear, Kierra and Kale race against the clock to uncover the secrets the shape-shifters are keeping. Imminent war and forbidden attraction threaten to implode their progress, while Kierra’s secrets may very well tip the scales of power.

Star Rating: Five Stars

Review:  Wow!! What an absolutely awesome story! i loved the back ground given during the whole story, and the forbidden love, but most of all that there is obviously going to be more!
     As an avid reader I've read a lot of stories, and after awhile some start to be same ol' same ol'.
    Nothing new!
    Virginia has put her own twist on the vampire, shifter and witch....excuse me I meant sorceress, myths. Where as most stories origins are seperate from one another these three are linked by a very turbulent past! One in which Kiarra's ancestor Morganna was once the lover of King Thorian, she was captured and raped repeatedly by King Curtis. Fortunately she escapes Curtis and returns to Thorian, only to be turned away. In her grief and anger she curses both kingdoms, the Thorians become Vampires, and the Curtis's shifters.
     But the awesomeness doesn't stop there! 
     Kale is a vampire and nephew of the dead King Thorian, he has become entranced by Kiarra even knowing that it is forbidden.
     But hey rules were meant to be broken right! 
    What follows is a great mix of sexy, subterfuge and action, and I haven't even given away the best parts of the story! 
     **Insert evil laughter**

Ooooo! Tingles, I loved it, and I can't wait to read the next book in this series by Ms. Cavanaugh.

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